Monte Real Crianza de Familia


Country: Spain
Region: Rioja



Alcoholic %

Alc 13.5 %

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Emilio Sojo Nalda (Cenicero, 1963) is a member of the Frias Artacho family, originally from Cenicero and born into one of the winegrowing families with deeper roots in La Rioja, after dedicating themselves to winegrowing for the past three centuries. The Frias Artacho family created bodegas Riojanas at the end of the twentieth century and played an active part in the creation of the Rioja Appellation of Origen (D. O. Rioja) in 1925 as well as in the Rioja Wine Exporters Trade Union at the beginning of the twentieth century. There have been several members of the Frias Artacho family who with their leadership contributed to promote the D.O. Rioja over its different historical periods. He is therefore the successor of a great winegrowing tradition, he has been surrounded by this culture since he was a child, even literally as he was born at his grandparent`s house situated inside the winery itself. Although his first choice of studies as Specialised Technician in Industrial Delineation did not suggest his destiny in winemaking, Finally Emilio Sojo went through necessary technical formation and experience needed to take the responsibility to which he was called for. In 1991 he finished his studies as a Viticulture and Oenology Technician and in 2006 he was qualified to practice as an Oenologist by the Ministry of Agriculture, after a new legal regulation of the profession. He is Inquiring and eager for new knowledge. In 1998 he joined the Oenologist Association, and since 2001 is a member of the Rioja`s wines qualification Committee from the Regulating Council. He participates actively in the various training activities in Rioja such as winegrowing and oenology Courses in Haro and the University of La Rioja, Master in Winegrowing, Oenology and Marketing. In 1985 at the age of 22 started working in Bodegas Riojanas, where he went through various positions in different departments in order to gain experience. He was very well accompanied by two great masters, being a strong influence in his training: his uncle Felipe Nalda, technical director of the winery at the time and his great uncle Marcelo Frias, who was the winery`s director for more than half a century and was considered as a true institution in the winegrowing world in Rioja. Six years later in 1992 Emilio Sojo joined the technical team and he became its director once Felipe Nalda retired in 2006. Emilio replaced Felipe Nalda and assumed the technical direction at Bodegas Riojanas, S.A. Soon after he took control of Bodegas Riojanas’s vineyards technical director with a total of 200 ha of vineyards. Emilio Sojo considers it a great honour as well as a big responsibility, his family commitment to quality has been passed from one generation to another. Without a doubt it is the most important legacy along with the great passion for winemaking that has made possible the success of iconic brands such as Monte Real and Viña Albina. Emilio Sojo joins hereditary tradition and the innovative spirit which has always defined Bodegas Riojanas, as the evolution experimented in the Bodegas Riojanas`s wines have established, adapting to the market`s trends developing new technologies as much in the vineyard as in the winemaking. Bodegas Riojanas innovative trend has been recognised in 2018 with University-Business Collaboration Award granted by Universidad de La Rioja, with whom investigative projects about fermentation and wine age monitoring are being developed as well as producing grapes with resveratrol or ascertaining the sensory footprint.

5th generation.

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Bush trained vines between 30 and 40 years old, with an altitude between 406 and 430 meters.The delicate calcareous - clay soil in Monte Real is shallow, ochre colour, with pebble surface appearance that softened the effects of weather conditions for the harvest. Sustainable viticulture with minimum photosanitary intervention.


100% Tempranillo

Vine Average Age 30-40 years



Type of barrels

American oak barrels

Number of months in the barrels




Wine Spectactor 2016


Wine and food pairing

Spaguethi, rice, vegetable. Grilled fish, chicken, chocolat 60%

Additional information

Intense red cherry colour, with a subtle violet touches. Medium high coat, clean and bright.On the nose, high aromatic intensity, reminding to red fruit, liquorice and flowers, subly combined with toasted Wood from the ageing. In the mouth is velvety, smooth, harmonious, fresh and soft tannin. Aftertaste long and fruity


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